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Strange Couplets #2: More People on Fire

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People on fire are quenched by the storm
smoldering wet and mumbling ‘reform’
their hands turn to ashes and their words into dust
their guts into pumice and their hearts into rust

These people on fire are buried in clay
and they harden and deaden and wither away
but in the holes that they left their ghosts linger on
and the soil above is more porous anon

People on fire spontaneously combust
when a lifelong breeze hits a sudden gust
a crackle and spark from the toes to the hair
a towering inferno, a thunderous gale

People on fire should prompt you to run
unless you’re prepared or just there for fun
and it’s best to escape or carry some salt
so if you ignite at least it won’t be your fault


Strange Couplets

Posted in Fire, Fragments, Poems, Songs on July 1, 2010 by

People on fire are meaner than you think
they dash and they stumble and sink
A fire extinguisher might put them out
But then they sit around and pout

People on fire just need a match
Holes in your skin just need a patch
A patch on your skin to dull the pain
seed clouds with dust to make it rain

When I was on fire I saw only red
All I wanted was the ocean instead
Red becomes green and green becomes brown
Settle in mud, sink down and down

People on fire it’s all in their minds
wake up in your head it’s the heat that binds
Give in to the flames and they’re cool and light
Like soft summer linen on a warm summer night.