Strange Couplets

People on fire are meaner than you think
they dash and they stumble and sink
A fire extinguisher might put them out
But then they sit around and pout

People on fire just need a match
Holes in your skin just need a patch
A patch on your skin to dull the pain
seed clouds with dust to make it rain

When I was on fire I saw only red
All I wanted was the ocean instead
Red becomes green and green becomes brown
Settle in mud, sink down and down

People on fire it’s all in their minds
wake up in your head it’s the heat that binds
Give in to the flames and they’re cool and light
Like soft summer linen on a warm summer night.


One Response to “Strange Couplets”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    people on fire flail about and dance
    and move like they’ve got ants in their pants
    with branches for arms and marshmallows for fingers
    if you like your smores well done it’s gonna hurt while it lingers.
    people on fire everywhere i look
    on tv, online, in a picture book
    people on fire turning into ash and debris
    what’s that i smell?
    something’s burning me.

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