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Strange Couplets #2: More People on Fire

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People on fire are quenched by the storm
smoldering wet and mumbling ‘reform’
their hands turn to ashes and their words into dust
their guts into pumice and their hearts into rust

These people on fire are buried in clay
and they harden and deaden and wither away
but in the holes that they left their ghosts linger on
and the soil above is more porous anon

People on fire spontaneously combust
when a lifelong breeze hits a sudden gust
a crackle and spark from the toes to the hair
a towering inferno, a thunderous gale

People on fire should prompt you to run
unless you’re prepared or just there for fun
and it’s best to escape or carry some salt
so if you ignite at least it won’t be your fault


Tonight You Belong To Me

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The Deepwater Horizon Founders in Fire

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The greatest fear of any navigational AI– trapped in ship infrastructure, confined by fire to ever-shrinking electronic bulkheads, losing senses as the exterior melts from heat– and worst of all, losing its humans and ending up as nothing more than pollutant.  I feel bad for the Horizon.  Mismanagement, greed, poor preparation, lack of a few simple switches– all these factors combined to bring it down, and now it’s a stain of death, reaching its tendrils far from its grave to kill any creature it encounters.  Tragic.

Factory Meat

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Hey we’re hungry I’ll get something to eat
how about a slice of that factory meat
the factory meat looks dull and gray
the factory itself makes us all look away
let’s spice up the meat with some color and fat
hide the factory away wipe our hands that’s that

Hey we’re hungry I’ll get something to eat
how about a slice of that factory meat
the factory meat might make you sick
the factory walls are covered in shit
let’s sanitize the meat in an ammonia bath
consolidate factories make an industry pact

Hey we’re hungry I’ll get something to eat
how about a patty of that factory beef
the factory beef that once was a cow
the factory raising it once was a sow
they used to eat grass and they used to be good
until we made factory meat out of what should have been food.

More text!!

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Undercover Cop With Multiple Personalities

Hey man, what’s got you down?
Man, one can’t get no action… here in this town.
What do you mean by ‘action,’ friend?
What does that tone in your voice portend?
Nothing, man. (You’ve come to the right place.)
Then what’s with that funny look on your face?
Look pal, just nerves, maybe I should go.
Are you a cop?
Me? Hell no!

Well all right, then. I had to ask.
Am I to undertake an unlawful task?
Depends on the law.
I’ve broken them all.
And yet you’ve never managed to fall
into the hands of the police, and jail?
I’ve had my scraps, but I never fail
to come out squeaky clean in the end,
the judge is my uncle and the jury’s my friend.
Well all right then, sounds good to me.
Okay pal, then what’ll it be?

Cities of Hell?

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Imagine being one of the inhabitants of these World Cities:


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After toiling for mere centuries, humans have transformed their planet to an incredible degree.  As such, the name “Earth” has now been changed, adding an extra ‘a.’  This ‘a’ stands for “assholes.”

“Earth is Over”- proclaims Bill McKibben