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The Deepwater Horizon Founders in Fire

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The greatest fear of any navigational AI– trapped in ship infrastructure, confined by fire to ever-shrinking electronic bulkheads, losing senses as the exterior melts from heat– and worst of all, losing its humans and ending up as nothing more than pollutant.  I feel bad for the Horizon.  Mismanagement, greed, poor preparation, lack of a few simple switches– all these factors combined to bring it down, and now it’s a stain of death, reaching its tendrils far from its grave to kill any creature it encounters.  Tragic.



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After toiling for mere centuries, humans have transformed their planet to an incredible degree.  As such, the name “Earth” has now been changed, adding an extra ‘a.’  This ‘a’ stands for “assholes.”

“Earth is Over”- proclaims Bill McKibben