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Breakfast with Meta-Boy and Family

Posted in Breakfast, Fragments, Meta-Boy on April 20, 2010 by

Mom:  Good Morning, Meta-Boy.  How did you sleep?

 MB:  The daily filial ritual: standard greeting, cheerful probe into my state of mind, expected response of “well, thanks,” or even just “OK”, is an obsolete cultural artifact that cannot begin to encompass any modern child’s nightmares as we toss and turn our way through visions of a destroyed future. 

 Dad:  Someone woke up on the cynical side of the bed this morning.

 MB Yawns

 Mom:  Here you go, dear– two eggs with toast, sunny-side up!

 MB:  I saw that one coming a mile away.  Parents make the dumbest jokes.  Okay, I know I’m acknowledging my youth and lack of full authority over my actions with this question, but I’m going to ask it anyway:  May I have some coffee?

 Mom:  Well, it is a Saturday.  What do you think, hon?

 Dad:  I think we should keep the little freak as far away from any stimulants as possible.  But what the hell, it’s a Saturday, right?

MB:  I’m going to choose to ignore your little dig as the attempt to shock and play out of type that it is.  Thanks for the coffee Mom!

 Dad:  I can’t believe you take it with no sugar.

 MB:  I like it bitter.

 Dad:  Preparing for life, eh?

 MB:  I can admire your perseverance, if nothing else.

 Mom:  That’s how he won me over!