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The Deepwater Horizon Founders in Fire

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The greatest fear of any navigational AI– trapped in ship infrastructure, confined by fire to ever-shrinking electronic bulkheads, losing senses as the exterior melts from heat– and worst of all, losing its humans and ending up as nothing more than pollutant.  I feel bad for the Horizon.  Mismanagement, greed, poor preparation, lack of a few simple switches– all these factors combined to bring it down, and now it’s a stain of death, reaching its tendrils far from its grave to kill any creature it encounters.  Tragic.


Amazing Post-Industrial Park

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Check out this beautiful use of an old industrial facility. What a cool place to explore! via Clay Rockefeller

Cave Story

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Recently rereleased for the Wii, legendary platform freeware title Cave Story has one of the awesomest main themes I’ve ever heard.  Here is the main theme followed by a couple of the better interpretations/remixes out there.  If you want badass, listen to the original and then skip down to the final clip: Nemesis, the speed metal version.

This one has a bonus rockin’ Zelda song at the end:

Lower your volume a bit for this one, it peaks high…

This dude shreds: