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The Deepwater Horizon Founders in Fire

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The greatest fear of any navigational AI– trapped in ship infrastructure, confined by fire to ever-shrinking electronic bulkheads, losing senses as the exterior melts from heat– and worst of all, losing its humans and ending up as nothing more than pollutant.  I feel bad for the Horizon.  Mismanagement, greed, poor preparation, lack of a few simple switches– all these factors combined to bring it down, and now it’s a stain of death, reaching its tendrils far from its grave to kill any creature it encounters.  Tragic.


Amazing Post-Industrial Park

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Check out this beautiful use of an old industrial facility. What a cool place to explore! via Clay Rockefeller

Wish you were here…

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Earth taken from Mars by Mars Exploration Rover Spirit in the early Martian morning.
Earth from Mars

Massive Wind Harp

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Located somewhere in/around San Francisco. It looks like a space engine or something. At the very least we could mount one on the Porpentine and troll the vacuum for particle symphonies.

The Day After Earth Day

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photo by Lori Nix

When the World Ends, Come With Me

Come with me when the world is ending
when the sun is heavy and dull
when the piratical lives of those who remain
are impossible dreams less substance than vain
when the floods and the fires encroach on our backs
we’ll face them together and let out a laugh:
“When our bones turn to ash our wills still shall abide,
and we’ll still be screaming ‘Despite!’”
So come with me when the world is ending
and I’ll come with you for life.

The Kansas City Library, Missouri

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Kansas City Library, Missouri. via WebUrbanist